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Create installers for Jalview Develop edition

Build: #11 was successful Manual run by Ben Soares


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20-Feb-2023 12:46:47
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 8.0.
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 You can use '--warning-mode all' to show the individual deprecation warnings and determine if they come from your own scripts or plugins.
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 See
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 Execution optimizations have been disabled for 5 invalid unit(s) of work during this build to ensure correctness.
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 Please consult deprecation warnings for more details.
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 BUILD SUCCESSFUL in 1m 33s
20-Feb-2023 12:46:47 23 actionable tasks: 23 executed
20-Feb-2023 12:46:48 installers/
20-Feb-2023 12:46:48 installers/11/
20-Feb-2023 12:46:48 installers/11/
20-Feb-2023 12:46:50 installers/11/jalview_develop-2_11_3_0-d20230220-unix-java_11.tar.gz
20-Feb-2023 12:46:52 installers/11/sha256sums
20-Feb-2023 12:46:52 installers/11/Jalview_Develop-2_11_3_0-d20230220-windows-x64-java_11.exe
20-Feb-2023 12:46:55 installers/11/md5sums
20-Feb-2023 12:46:55 installers/11/output.txt
20-Feb-2023 12:46:55 installers/11/
20-Feb-2023 12:46:58 installers/11/Jalview_Develop-2_11_3_0-d20230220-macOS-aarch64-macos-java_11.dmg
20-Feb-2023 12:47:01 installers/11/
20-Feb-2023 12:47:02 installers/11/updates.xml
20-Feb-2023 12:47:02 installers/11/Jalview_Develop-2_11_3_0-d20230220-macOS-x64-macos-java_11.dmg