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#498 Manual run by Ben Soares 2 days ago 1616 passed
#497 Manual run by Ben Soares 3 days ago 1616 passed

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features-JAL-4134_use_annotation_row_for_colours_and_groups Last build was successful #10
improvement-JAL-4121_assume_--headless_when_jalview_is_run_with_a_command_line_argument_that_generates_output Last build was successful #2
bug-JAL-4125_flatlaf_quithandler_external_structureviewers_not_closed Last build was successful #1
features-r2_11_2_alphafold-JAL-629 Last build was successful #102
feature-JAL-3416_update_to_flatlaf_3.1.1_with_unpacked_native_libraries Last build was successful #11
bug-JAL-4186_space_in_sequence_name_causes_empty_modal Last build was successful #4
mmw-JAL-3954-ebi-phmmer The last build was not built #2
patch-JAL-4184_description_stockholm Last build was successful #1
features-JAL-629_with_threads_NOT_PASSING_TESTS The last build was not built #1
features-JAL-4134_treeviewerforcolumns Last build was successful #1
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