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Jalview built by Gradle with getdown launcher and install4j packaging

Build: #24 did not complete Manual run by Ben Soares

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Reason for not building is unknown
8939be9b96e7e3f7e836037b972ddce75fa4a17e 8939be9b96e7e3f7e836037b972ddce75fa4a17e

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Ben Soares Ben Soares 8939be9b96e7e3f7e836037b972ddce75fa4a17e 8939be9b96e7e3f7e836037b972ddce75fa4a17e JAL-3446 new Jmol 15.1.3 jar added to j11lib, old j11lib Jmol-14.29.17-no_netscape.jar removed
Ben Soares Ben Soares 91cf2210f6440d85c8a488c1bd18b0d3feb93f19 91cf2210f6440d85c8a488c1bd18b0d3feb93f19 JAL-3225 Minor change to for flexmark, and html output files from the process, handy to have in repo for developers
Ben Soares Ben Soares 316d7fc8af1d26b1c7e7e99341648bc01699ac1e 316d7fc8af1d26b1c7e7e99341648bc01699ac1e JAL-3225 Removed dependency on command line pandoc to convert .md files to .html.  Now all files in doc/*.md will get converted to doc/*.html using flexmark within gradle process.
Ben Soares <> Ben Soares <> d59675fab74acfcb19063b7f0081cb22ef3e4d5e d59675fab74acfcb19063b7f0081cb22ef3e4d5e JAL-3225 Using Gradle Git-Version plugin to set gitHash and gitBranch
Using Gradle Git-Version instead of exec to run git directly allows
buildship to successfully import the project into eclipse without a
command line git installed.  Essential for development within Eclipse in
Windows without having to install either gradle or git as command line
Ben Soares Ben Soares 1475d0d9f790dca1dbd9314defd464ac948f92b5 1475d0d9f790dca1dbd9314defd464ac948f92b5 JAL-3225 small fixes for building within Eclipse

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