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Tests: Testless build
Duration: 2 minutes
Changes: Who: Ben Soares <>
Why: Merge branch "develop" into bug/JAL-4125_flatlaf_quithandler_warning_doesnt_display_properly

Who: Ben Soares <>
Why: JAL-4125 Move confirmation of closing external viewer windows into the quit handler, and allow all to close or not in closeViewer whilst quitting.

Who: Ben Soares <>
Why: Merge branch "improvement/JAL-3416_default_to_LIVE_DRAG_MODE_for_flatlaf" into merge/JAL-1988_JAL-3772+JAL-3416+JAL-4054+JAL-4064

Who: Ben Soares <>
Why: JAL-3416 Added logoIcon to quit (and potentially other) dialogs

Who: Ben Soares <>
Why: JAL-4019 Clarification of position on "X" in help text

Manual run by Ben Soares