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Jalview built by Gradle with getdown launcher and install4j packaging

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f4195d8718b55ae3be9ecfaa101d24ae8cd251ce f4195d8718b55ae3be9ecfaa101d24ae8cd251ce

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Ben Soares Ben Soares f4195d8718b55ae3be9ecfaa101d24ae8cd251ce f4195d8718b55ae3be9ecfaa101d24ae8cd251ce JAL-3289 Updated doc/ to explain possible values of the CHANNEL property during building
Jim Procter Jim Procter 403f6ac3657932a653c2549bda026821bbbe489f 403f6ac3657932a653c2549bda026821bbbe489f JAL-3407 release notes for JAL-3375
Jim Procter Jim Procter d55d3f563be502c1ca37228fbcdabfc57e111eb8 d55d3f563be502c1ca37228fbcdabfc57e111eb8 JAL-3376 highlighted in what’s new
Jim Procter Jim Procter 353cd0f438358fd6ea0a4976f37ee843b5387f72 353cd0f438358fd6ea0a4976f37ee843b5387f72 JAL-3407 - JAL-3376 JAL-3377 release notes
Jim Procter Jim Procter 7c6fbc28452e89d018c561856234f7515de11443 7c6fbc28452e89d018c561856234f7515de11443 JAL-3407 start of whats new for

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Shared artifacts

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Jalview getdown launcher 6 MB
getdown-channel 88 MB
install4j installers 799 MB
Jalview executables 82 MB