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Getdown channel build for testing Jalview prior to publishing on the RELEASE channel

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James Procter <> James Procter <> 0419debb602967909ecfd960afc229146b391fca 0419debb602967909ecfd960afc229146b391fca Merge branch 'patch/JAL-4116_slowtoopenstructure' into releases/Release_2_11_2_Branch
James Procter <> James Procter <> 7e38a33f433d00b82d4d35e0cde5d68996e06a62 7e38a33f433d00b82d4d35e0cde5d68996e06a62 JAL-4117 - version bump and release notes for JAL-4116
James Procter <> James Procter <> 2721b8356b47149e479d426fd559af97bc4af20e 2721b8356b47149e479d426fd559af97bc4af20e JAL-4116 relegate the failed to promote warning to Console.debug so most users won’t even see it (or be slowed down by it).
James Procter <> James Procter <> d5bd34eb49f43735e240058f8875ab0bfcae4441 d5bd34eb49f43735e240058f8875ab0bfcae4441 JAL-4104 JAL-4102 update help docs with script to add jalview command line tool to osx path
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> c3eb495269d836f7a8a2addf402425acbcc53c7b c3eb495269d836f7a8a2addf402425acbcc53c7b JAL-4102 whatsNew for

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