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Getdown channel build for testing Jalview prior to publishing on the RELEASE channel

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Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 82083dc3796ac12fabd4defae3ceee2b16ff4f6d 82083dc3796ac12fabd4defae3ceee2b16ff4f6d Merge branch 'bug/r2_11_2/JAL-3904_structureviewermenu' into develop
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 05e40b4dd4e216024024fb921d797917d74daa76 05e40b4dd4e216024024fb921d797917d74daa76 JAL-3905 Fix: wait for response when sending mouseovers. Combined remove old label and add new label and also added warning in javadoc about out-of-order execution
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 8f08ed712138cea8987594a62b6053a0bfdba327 8f08ed712138cea8987594a62b6053a0bfdba327 JAL-3904 override buildActionMenu to add in additional menu actions after rebuild
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> f2c4dcbf716ebf695ffe757c59185bbcb4e6e2ad f2c4dcbf716ebf695ffe757c59185bbcb4e6e2ad JAL-3904 failing test
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a JAL-3616 show name of structure viewer in ‘new view’ button

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Unknown Issue TypeJAL-1260Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeJAL-2226Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
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