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fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a

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Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a fa8a0ce92e350f285da4e02da130e2cc1ffee85a JAL-3616 show name of structure viewer in ‘new view’ button
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> fc46c75d41d5bc962216a96062699ecb2e6e1220 fc46c75d41d5bc962216a96062699ecb2e6e1220 JAL-3616 explicit configure external viewer config
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 24975565893326e69d4e9d16f7c7fe1022004413 24975565893326e69d4e9d16f7c7fe1022004413 Merge branch 'develop' into releases/Release_2_11_2_Branch
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 75963b5dc3d8eb58b840d5c162de4342e64009c2 75963b5dc3d8eb58b840d5c162de4342e64009c2 Merge branch 'features/r2_11_2/JAL-3829_3dbeacons' into develop
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 0e267301b08ab5035dc24a6f9c4f5fe8d912b2c9 0e267301b08ab5035dc24a6f9c4f5fe8d912b2c9 JAL-3829 3d beacons logo - misi varadi gave permission to re-use but most likely it is CC-0

JIRA issues

Unknown Issue TypeCC-0Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeJAL-3594Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeJAL-3616Could not obtain issue details from JIRA
Unknown Issue TypeJAL-3829Could not obtain issue details from JIRA

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