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Create installers for Jalview Develop edition

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Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 11346f873e4ecb2d191499fd1d52b8de07a65bf3 11346f873e4ecb2d191499fd1d52b8de07a65bf3 Merge branch 'patch/JAL-4008_jabaws_2_2_1_patch' into doc/release_2_11_2_3
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 2441f0e1e3afac23a73e3957b16c21b75ebfc62d 2441f0e1e3afac23a73e3957b16c21b75ebfc62d JAL-4012 JAL-4008 release notes for Jalview
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 094b06cac0d0e8f781462027ed2e4af5fe32d7c6 094b06cac0d0e8f781462027ed2e4af5fe32d7c6 JAL-4008 update jabaws client to 2.2.1 - definitely no log4j references !
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 62fb9a3042bdc6daaad8218d47b12cb912907354 62fb9a3042bdc6daaad8218d47b12cb912907354 Merge branch 'develop' into releases/Release_2_11_2_Branch
Jim Procter <> Jim Procter <> 1affe472184986c9957f6af61a746d8c275c8580 1affe472184986c9957f6af61a746d8c275c8580 JAL-3992 bump version and report updates in release notes

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