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Creates the getdown channel for the Jalview Development edition

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Gitlab User Gitlab User c5af67123917341b830038da89ba65add8272974 c5af67123917341b830038da89ba65add8272974 Merge branch 'bug/JAL-4421_customise_volume_name_of_DMG_installers' into develop
Ben Soares <> Ben Soares <> 965c8af33ac58a3b5b940e52f04a7bfc16d83e98 965c8af33ac58a3b5b940e52f04a7bfc16d83e98 Merge branch 'develop' into bug/JAL-4421_customise_volume_name_of_DMG_installers
Ben Soares <> Ben Soares <> f5a1843eb07107c5e196fe348d75e785c11562d6 m f5a1843eb07107c5e196fe348d75e785c11562d6 JAL-4421 Downgrading ds_store to 1.3.0 for build server limitations
Ben Soares <> Ben Soares <> d50db8c31e09462ef215880f156764d843e69648 m d50db8c31e09462ef215880f156764d843e69648 JAL-4421 Configuration for positioning icons in DMG
Ben Soares <> Ben Soares <> cbee9978721e4efff9e0741ba6933fb090d3aa23 m cbee9978721e4efff9e0741ba6933fb090d3aa23 JAL-4421 Add --appname --appxpos --appypos to position variable application name icons, or read from config[app]

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