Build #188

Creates the getdown channel for the Jalview Development edition

JIRA issues

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Related issues (7 issues)
Type Key Summary Status Assignee Fix versions Related Builds Operations
Bug JAL-4290 Headless alignment export with structure annotations doesn't include secondary structure and temperature factor Closed Ben Soares 1 related build
Bug JAL-4353 Cannot output individual images of more than one structure view attached to one open alignment Closed Ben Soares 1 related build
Task JAL-4356 Release Ready for testing James Procter 3 related builds
Bug JAL-4367 Handles to adjust ID panel width or annotation panel height can be dragged out of the Alignment window Closed Ben Soares 1 related build
Bug JAL-4368 When a JVP file is opened from command line without a --colour scheme specified, the preferences default colour scheme is applied overwriting the colour scheme saved in the JVP file Closed Ben Soares 1 related build
Bug JAL-4369 Uniprot record retrieval not working in JalviewJS Closed James Procter 1 related build
Bug JAL-4373 Unable to change the memory allowed Closed Ben Soares 1 related build