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JB › GDC › #129 1 month ago
JAL-4014 JAL-4063 Added gecos colourScheme names (INFO message) and fixed Clustal colourScheme name
Testless build
JB › GDI › #9 4 months ago
JAL-3830 added command line to whatsnew and releases
JAL-3103 add BrowserLauncher2 LGPLv2.1 to THIRDPARTYLIBS
JAL-3103 Remove BrowserLauncher2 and use Desktop.browse(url) with wrapper methods
JAL-3103 updated help doc to remove default browser choice
JAL-3103 Removed code and unused widgets for defaultBrowser
JAL-3103 Switched to (a wrapper around) BrowserLauncher2
JAL-3830 fix broken/buggy install4j9 setting of executeSetupApp=false still running setupApp
JAL-360 JAL-3975 make AlignFrame the parent of FeatureEditor dialog, and have parent Component request focus after JvOptionPane action.
JAL-3830 Added new command line usage to docs
JAL-3608 added to LaF documentation
Append git.hash and git.branch to RELEASE file stored in tarball. When compiling, if not in git repo use git.branch and git.hash from RELEASE file.
JAL-3973 This fixes the gradle build when not in a git repo. (Part 1 of the issue)
JAL-3103 Put jalview.jar first in getdown for .properties files. Remove now-not-needed exception handling from jalview code for openURL. Change Default browser input to JComboBox populated by BrowserLauncher2
Testless build
JB › GDI › #8 11 months ago
Merge branch 'develop' into merge/develop_ben2
Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
JAL-3521 Created a patch file to transform build.gradle into debian_build.gradle
JAL-3779 Added to documentation
JAL-3774 combined changes from bug/JAL-3774_splitFrameFinder: i) fixed focus Finder from split frame. ii) missing i18n added, overlong translation shortened. iii) better translation.
JAL-3761 listToArray became rangeListToArray
JAL-3907 adjusted and scripts to use adoptium and added Java 17 download. Added JAVA_VERSION=17 as a gradle build property option.
JAL-1260 rudimentary parsing of LOCUS line to at least get accession id
JAL-3594 New Jalview Test logos and .icns/.ico creation helper script
Merge branch 'develop' into improvement/JAL-3594_logos_for_jalview_test
JAL-3521 working minimal build.gradle for debian and 2.11.2. Flexmark plugin might be a problem
JAL-3818 formatting
JAL-1260 Added .gbk to GenBank extensions.  Added GenBank extensions to the installer.
JAL-3691 automatic insertion of Locale.ROOT to toUpperCase() and toLowerCase() and added import java.util.Locale appropriately
JAL-3521 not quite working minimal build.gradle for debian and 2.11.2
Merge branch 'merge/develop_JAL-1260' into develop
JAL-3761 listToArray became rangeListToArray
JAL-3739 (combined) commits from feature/JAL-3739_useFormFieldText
JAL-3594 Changed logo for Jalview Test
JAL-3783 Updated groovy-all-2.4. Currently newer stable releases cause a problem with shadowJar.
JAL-3521 'Debian-safe' version of minimal build.gradle and patch. Using existing doc/*.html and build_properties from source tarball.
JAL-3885 Made the database JComboBox have StringPair entries to allow a display value, set to the single item dbname if there's a single item
Merge branch 'improvement/JAL-3594_logos_for_jalview_test' into develop
Testless build
Build Completed Code commits Tests
Build Completed Code commits Tests