URL command-line arguments for SwingJS

To enable these flags, simply add them after # or ? on your page.
The test is very simple -- just a case-sensitive string check.
Separate them with & For example:

j2sargs=a|b|carguments to be passed on to application.main(); use "|" to separate arguments. Overrides Info.args, which should be an array of strings, if present
j2sdebugclipshows all show/restore and clip operations in JSGraphics2D
j2sdebugcodedeprecated; see j2snocore
j2sdebugcoredeprecated; see j2snozcore
j2sdebugpaintreport repaint manager information
j2seventsreport ComponentEvent instances
j2sfilter=xxxremove messages with the specified text from System.out
j2sheadlessrun headlessly (must be a main()-based application or library without Swing or AWT)
j2slang=en_USdefault language for java.util.Locale (overrides Info.language)
j2smousereport mouse events other than mousemove
j2smousemovereport all mouse events, including mousemove
j2snocoredo not load core files (from j2s/core/)
j2snoevaluse new Function() instead of eval(); breaks debugging, experimental
j2snooutputreport only System.err message, not System.out
j2snozcoreuse the uncompressed j2s/core/xxxcore.js files, not the compressed core.z.js files
j2sprofiletrack object creation; use J2S.getProfile() when you want a report; J2S.getProfile() or J2S.getProfile(nsec) to restart profiling anytime.
j2sstrictstrict mode -- experimental
j2strace=xxx or j2strace="xxx"throw up an alert in the browser and a debugger statement in the developer whenever the specified text is found in System.out or System.err; if quotes are used, this must be an exact match to the entire output text (particularly useful when the message is something like "0", which otherwise would be next to impossible to find.
j2sverbosereport all files loaded using AJAX